Another very strange phobia occurs in people who do not like vampires. This phobia is called sanguivoriphobia, which originally meant "those who drink blood" or trypophobia see this article about phobia.

Probably the strangest of all phobias is called chrometophobia or fear of money. Is there still someone to be afraid of money?

Those who suffer from ephebiphobije, fear of teenagers, should be kept away from parks, elementary and secondary schools, theaters, sports facilities ...

Fear of sleep called somniphobia. People who suffer from this phobia often do not go to bed, holding lit light and almost always are sleep-deprived. Sleeping whether you today?

Medorthophobia occurs only in males, and it is a fear of an erection.

You probably will not be the smartest in the class and trypophobia society if you have sophophobije, fear of learning.

If you suffer from anthophobije again be away from the parks, but this time the flowers because anthophobija fear of flowers.

In case you are afraid of drinking alcohol, then you have dipsophobiju.

Another stranger phobia to which we have encountered is alliumphobia, fear of garlic. Phobia of wine called oenophobia and heliophobia fear of the sun. If you suffer from trypophobia this phobia, it's hard to be with your friends to go to the sea and to play volleyball on the beach.

Another very strange phobia is lachanophobia or fear of vegetables. Salad is not exactly a favorite food of people who suffer from lachanophobije.

How to cure hemorrhoids alternative methods?

Find the cause of hemroids and remove it.
Irregular bowel movements can be the cause of hemorrhoids. To irregular bowel can cause poor and unhealthy diet. To solve this problem we suggest that you turn to everyday healthy eating. Reduce your intake of fast food. Eat home-cooked food, with plenty of fiber. Foods that are rich in natural fibers are: vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Also, increase your water intake into the body.

Hemorrhoids can occur as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. Many women after pregnancy and childbirth suffer from hemorrhoids. In most cases, they are only a temporary phenomenon, however you can to ease the use of creams that relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids.
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